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    Medical Gastroenterology

Medical Gastroenterology

The Unit is well equipped with Gastroscope (UGI Endoscope), Duod endoscope (Side-Viewing Endoscope), Colonoscope and Sigmoidoscope. The unit has the facilities for Sclerotherapy, foreign body removal, biopsy, Variceal bleeding, glue Injection, Stricture Dilation, Polypectomies, Banding, ERCP and Stenting of CBD, PEG Placement, Endoscopic assisted placement of nasogastric nasojejunal tubes.

  •  ERCP
  •  Capsule Endoscopy (First in Malwa)
  •  Gastroscopy (UGI Endoscopy)/  Colonoscopy/Sigmoidoscopy
  •  EVL/ Endoscopic Dilation
  •  PEG/ Foreign body removal
  •  Polypectomy/ EMR
  •  Chronic Hepatitis B & C Treatment
  •  Fibroscan


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