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This Unit conducts all types of laparoscopic, Endoscopic surgeries and has all the instruments like   Cystoscope, Nephroscope, Ureteroscope, Resectoscope. Lithotripsy facilities are also available. Open surgeries like Nephrectomies, Pyeloplasty, Cystolithotomy, Radical Nephrectomy/Cystectomy, Uretheroplasties etc. are done here. Endoscopy surgeries like TURP, URS, PCNL, TURbt all are done here. Urology Unit also provides Andrology Services.

The unit has 100 watt Holmium laser (lumenis) for prostate laser surgery.

First in Malwa region attachment Flexible ureteroscopic laser carl stone for upper ureteric calculus.

  •  Laser (100 Watt. Holmium Laser) treatment

     First in Malwa For :-

  •   Ureteric Stones  
  •   Renal Stone (RIRS)      
  •   Prostate (HoLEP)
  •   PCNL for staghorn calculi.
  •   Cancer treatment for Kidney/ Bladder/ Testis/ Penis/ Prostate
  •   Male Infertility/ Impotency/ Penile erection problem
  •   Urinary incontinence
  •   Stricture urethra
  •   Lap. Nephrectomy
  •   Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty
  •   VVF (Vesico-vaginal fistula) Repair 
Dr. Saurabh Gupta
MS, M.Ch (Urology)
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